Matt and Sheila Powell along with their son Chad of Argent Sport have been custom making jewelry for the finest jewelry stores in the mid-west for over thirty-five years and their creations have been worn by some of the biggest names in sports.

The idea that eventually became Argent Sport started in the 1990’s with a platinum and diamond baseball necklace designed for baseball great George Brett.

In 2007 we opened Perspective Jewelry Design Studio in Omaha’s Old Market. As the home of the College World Series, Omaha attracts thousands of baseball purists from all over the country every June. Drawing on our previous work we designed a line of baseball jewelry that was an instant hit.

Using gold, silver, several different types of enamels, diamonds and gemstones we crafted customized baseball necklaces for the coaches, players, parents and fans. Baseball led to football and football led to licensing and soon we had a full time business built around our unique pieces and the dedicated sports fan. Enjoy our site and maybe you will find something for your die-hard fan.